Free Love For Dating—Dating In The 1960’s

The ‘60’s was a new dawn of dating style and sexuality for many. It’s often called the decade of “The Sexual Revolution.” It was a time of liberation for women and free love was the reining words for this decade of daters.

Journalists for one sector of the American public began to more freely speak of sexual freedom which brought it to the forefront of society. They no longer kept writing polite, or what we would call politically correct. They spoke out, or rather wrote such outlandish things as that lots of American’s masturbated and they even openly wrote that a percentage of American’s were gay.

In this decade of the “free love” ‘60’s more homosexuals openly admitted their sexual preference and came out of the darkness of the proverbial closet. They embraced the fact they were different in the sexual orientation they preferred.

Women, more than anyone and more than at any other time in known history took a long, hard look at their own sexuality and gave up their long skirts and even their bra’s. This was also the decade of the “pill” and other forms of birth control gain popularity. Now there could be sex without consequence of the unthinkable.

Of course, there is a lot more than changes in just music, sexuality and becoming provocative in these years.

This generation marked history for a social awakening that took a gigantic leap in offering the freedom’s we enjoy today without a second thought.

In 2010 we can’t imagine not being allowed to listen to rock-&-roll, or whatever music we want to hear, or wearing any length dress we choose or how we want to wear our hair without anyone giving it a second glance. Sexual orientation is not even given a second thought these days. There are online dating websites for anyone and everyone, no matter orientation, race, age or religion.

There are dating sites directed at every type of date imaginable and that includes the 60 year old senior dater that were living their youth during the 1960’s. Online dating even caters to those that want to enjoy the sexual freedom and revolution of casual sex in this generation.