Frightening Prospects of Being Old and Single

Dating sites are around for anyone wanting to use them, but some people feel as if they’re not exactly well enough equipped to compete in this technological world and land a date. A lot of older people, usually 45 and over, feel as if integrating into the social networking platform of online dating is just too difficult to attempt.

Not only is it simple to navigate around a dating site, though, but there are actually millions upon millions of people from your generation using the format in order to find love.

Reasons that you may not want to be old and single


Waiting forever and a day to actually get out there and date will signal to people that you’re a closed-minded individual, afraid of any type of change. This isn’t good at all. In the society we live in today, you’re either progressive going forward or you’re a no-account dinosaur.


Most people are going to immediately think that you’re a failure at many aspects of social living if you’re not trying to swim around in the dating pool—at least the shallow end—once or twice. Trying and failing is okay. Pick yourself up and try again. But not trying at all makes it look like there’s something wrong with you.

Pressure Cooker

The longer you wait, the more pressure you’re going to feel when you actually do decide that joining a dating site—or at least stepping out and trying to meet someone—is the right move for you.

Dated dates

Eventually, you’re going to have nothing to talk about. If you remain old and single and then finally decide to go out on a date, you’ll be dating someone either younger or a lot more active in the dating world. This means you have no real point of reference and any chemistry that once was will die on the vine of awkward silence.