Funniest Pick Up Lines – The “Have You Met Ted?”

Very rarely do comedy pick up lines that you see on a prime time sitcom actually work – and almost never with disturbing regularity.  However, the number one pick up line from How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson is pure, unfiltered, solid gold, and it almost always gets your wingman into a conversation.
But therein lies the rub – this is a two-man job, and you’ll need a wingman in order to pull it off. Of course, it helps if the girl has watched How I Met Your Mother, but it’ll probably work even if she hasn’t.
To do this, simply send your wingman up to the lady of your choice and stand close by, feigning disinterest nonchalantly (if you can’t feign disinterest nonchalantly, you probably aren’t ready for The “Have You Met Ted?”). 
All he does is tap her on the shoulder and say, “Hi.  Have you met (your name)?” and then run away like he’s in 5th grade and he just told a girl that you have a crush on her.
Here’s how it’s done in the field:

At the very least, the girl will turn around and introduce herself.  If you can’t take it from there, no pick up line will work.