Gemini – Aquarius Love Compatibility

The match between these two Air signs can be something really special. It can feel a lot like a high school romance, with a lot of teasing, movie dates and other special times together. Kissing under the bleachers might even be on the cards.

The ease and joy of life that both of these signs feel is brought out when they are together and their love of similar things only strengthens the connections. From books to TV shows to movies and music, you will find that you have ridiculous amounts in common. Your conversation and communication will also be great as you take part in the verbal jousting that you are both so good at. In fact, with all your witty repartee you could probably start a travelling comedy act and make a good living out of it.

Romantic Compatibility

As your personalities are so close to each other, you will find no problem in the romance side of things. As you are both free-spirited and like to go wherever the wind will take you, the chances are quite high that any romantic gestures between the two of you will be highly valued and reciprocated. One challenge for the two of you will be intimacy though. As you move from the initial stages of your relationship to the more mature stages, your flightiness can become a hindrance.

Sexual Compatibility

As you are both open to new things and experimentation, your sex life could most definitely be a steamy, exhilarating affair. As your relationship grows though, it’s important to temper passion with intimacy. All relationships, no matter how good the sex, have to be built on a sound emotional footing in order to work well.

How to Make it Work

To make this relationship work, you have to be willing to be 100% truthful with your partner. If you aren’t, you will never be able to gain the trust and safety you need for a relationship to work. Being open with your partner and letting them in will strengthen everything. Jump in to the deep end for once.