Gemini – Cancer Love Compatibility

The good news here is you won’t be at each other’s throats. Gemini is somewhat of a restless person, being an Air sign and Cancer is an emotionally charged Water sign, which likes to nest and bond.

Between Cancer’s need to nurture and Gemini’s free spirit, there can be issues. But if Gemini can allow Cancer to care for them, just a little bit – you will find that this relationship work really well.

Romantic Compatibility

Your similar interests which include cultures and bargain hunting can lead to many rewarding dates – at concerts, art galleries or even junk stores. In the end, your home could end up looking like a strange gallery of priceless antiques and modern gadgets, but if you are both happy – then there’s nothing to go wrong. Once again, if Gemini can allow Cancer to care for them romantically, this relationship can work very well.

Sexual Compatibility

Gemini’s can be a little more adventurous than Cancers when it comes to the bedroom but this is not a setback. Cancers may enjoy sex that is a little more nurturing and romantic, but with Gemini’s ability to try out new things and their joy at things being different all the time – this can be a great way to expand your horizons.

Not all sex needs to involve feather dusters and rubber underwear; some sex can be slow, sensual and steamy. Rose petals, candles and satin sheets can be exciting too.

How to Make it Work

Between your two different personalities – you have interests that are very similar but temperaments that are quite different – you will be able to find a very comfortable middle ground. In some ways, Cancer can be seen like a mother and Gemini like a flighty teen.

It’s important that the need to nurture and care from Cancer is balanced with the need for excitement and new things from Gemini.