Gemini – Gemini Love Compatibility

There’s a certain joke that might be worth making here, and if it’s been said before – our apologies, but being in this relationship might seem like it’s not just two of you, but four of you instead.

As the Gemini personality is so fluid and can re-organise itself quickly, the good news is that you will never get bored of each other. The need to change is coupled with the need to experience different things all the time. On top of that, your collective creativity can be a great thing.

Romantic Compatibility

Romantically, you’re in for a good ride. Both of you will find the same things appealing. Even if those things tend to change quite often. As long as you make time for each other, you will have time for romance – Gemini’s are known to keep themselves incredibly busy with many different projects at the same time.

Find the time to smell the roses (or give some to your partner). Monogamy is not always the easiest for Gemini’s so by keeping another Gemini around to keep you on your toes – you can resist temptation when it comes around.

Sexual Compatibility

Your love for experimentation can lead to some very interesting sexual connections. Both of you will find yourselves exhilarated with the thrill of trying out new things and seeing what works. Just give your partner time to breathe and suggest the next thing to try out before you carry on, on your own tangent.

How to Make it Work

One of the most important things in a Gemini-Gemini match is communication. Both of you will be so keen to share ideas, thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams that at times you can find yourselves talking over each other.

With all your interests, your house can eventually start getting a bit messy with all of your hobbies, DVDs and other paraphernalia so try and do your best to keep it as tidy as possible to avoid arguments about who vacuumed last.