Gemini – Leo Love Compatibility

When it comes to personality, Gemini and Leo have a great connection. They have so much in common. As friends, they enjoy chatting about everything from the most high-level subjects to the smuttiest tabloids.

Conversations between the two can be incredibly exciting and dynamic because both Gemini and Leo are two signs that really enjoy soaking up as much culture as possible.

Romantic Compatibility

Unfortunately, the joy of communication between these two signs doesn’t necessarily guarantee a romantic connection. Leo is a Fire sign and wants to be aroused by passionate love, heat, attention and the utmost devotion from their partner.

Gemini is an Air sign that is driven to get to the point and collect information (being governed by Mercury). When Leo is holding court and delivering a long speech about their opinions, it can lead to drama when Gemini asks Leo to get to the point of the story. Leo’s ego and Gemini’s need for information can be a problem.

Sexual Compatibility

Leo can be a very attention-hungry sign and if Gemini is happy to give their attention to Leo – they can prove to be a good match. If Gemini needs a little more attention from Leo in the bedroom, this can be somewhat of a problem.

Leo is known to be quite demanding and is not known as the best giver, in any sphere of life – sexual or otherwise. Gemini will need to know how to butter up Leo in order to get what they want, but they have to remember they have to pay for it.

How to Make it Work

Leo is the kind of sign that needs constant praise and attention to be happy. Gemini has to be willing to give this to Leo if they want the relationship to work. The good news is – this probably won’t be the first thing that Gemini has said that is insincere. Gemini can be a little all-over-the-place, so Leo has to remember that too.