Gemini – Aries Love Compatibility

Gemini and Aries is a match made in heaven – if you’re into extreme sports and emotional roller coasters. Often described as the best of friends, but the worst lovers, Gemini and Aries are drawn together by shared traits like spontaneity and ambition, but will often quarrel over small things – little fights that can turn into massive screaming matches, or weeks of mind games.

Romantic Compatibility

You’re both ones for grand gestures – just not often romantic ones.  While you’re both impetuous and spontaneous, you’re both demanding and a little flighty.

This can spell disaster if you rely on each other for emotional security and support.  You might find that a relationship with an Aries is a passionate, swift moving one, but remember to cool your emotions when you can, and stop thinking about the house and kids.

Sexual Compatibility

You’re both adventurous and passionate, but sometimes selfish in the bedroom. Avoid doing it all at once, or you’ll wind up with nothing to try out next time.  Boredom is your enemy, and you’ll have to keep finding new things to excite you both if you want to keep the flame alive.

The sex might be fantastic for the honeymoon period, but if you don’t find ways to keep it interesting, you’ll soon find your attention wandering.

How to Make it Work

You’ll both need to find ways to keep your romantic and sexual relationship new and exciting, without getting in too deep too quickly.  If any two star signs are likely to elope after a whirlwind two-week booze-fuelled sex marathon, it’s Gemini and Aries.

You’d both do well to try to keep your head and think carefully about where this is all going before you make any long term commitments.

Keep communication alive, don’t let little arguments turn into massive fights, and avoid playing mind games with each other.