Gemini – Pisces Love Compatibility

Gemini is the Twins and two fish swimming in opposite directions represent Pisces. This means that both of you are considered dual signs. Depending on the time of day, what you just ate, the movie you just saw or the cosmic alignment could affect whether you are in the relationship or not.

Commitment is definitely something difficult for both Gemini and Pisces. If you can see the parts of yourself in each other (and between Pisces and Gemini there are many), you will not only be able to make your relationship stronger, you will be able to become a better person too.

Romantic Compatibility

If you manage to get through your differences with honesty and transparency, you will be able to create something great. Pisces is a Water sign – emotional and needy, while Gemini is an Air sign – intellectual and quite independent. This can lead to problems in your romantic expectations of each other.

Pisces will want more and more out of Gemini and Gemini could take this neediness as a reason to leave and not commit to the relationship. Conversely, Gemini’s coldness could cause Pisces to leave the relationship. But by finding the similarities and dark sides – both of these signs can use their powers together to create something great.

Sexual Compatibility

Between the neediness of Pisces and the aloofness of Gemini (at times) sexual relations can be a little difficult. If Gemini enjoys making Pisces happy and gets a kick out of their pleasure though, there’s no reason that this sexual part of the relationship can’t be very rewarding for both parties.

How to Make it Work

You need to be aware of your partner’s needs to make this relationship work. If Gemini can try to connect with Pisces emotionally and Pisces can lighten up, you can forge something strong. Two phrases that will help this relationship to get even stronger: Thank you and You’re right.