Gemini – Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Gemini is considered to rule the lower mind – this relates to hard facts, using your common sense, reasoning through things and your intellect. Sagittarius is considered to deal with the higher mind – this relates to using philosophy, your views on ethics and the metaphysical realm. While this may lead us to think that these two signs are opposed to each other, in fact they can be quite a good match and find a great point in between the higher and lower mind.

Both Sagittarius and Gemini are nomadic wanderers, which means they can understand the thirst for knowledge and new experiences inherent in their partner. The love for variety that both of these signs experience can lead to an exciting and spicy relationship.

Romantic Compatibility
With your beliefs in new experiences, new foods, travel and movement you will find that your romantic life is full of surprises and unexpected joy. You can make a really great couple romantically; if you can get over your differences in opinion and the way you see the world. You are both quite busy people, so it’s important to take the time out to enjoy each other whenever you can.

Sexual Compatibility
For two people who are so adventurous, your sex life should reflect the same feelings. Expect a lot of experimentation and excitement as you take each other on sexual journeys you never thought possible with other lovers. As long as you set your boundaries that you both agree on in your sexual life, there is no reason that both of you will be able to reach places you never thought possible.

How to Make it Work
As being a conventional couple can be somewhat boring for the both of you, it’s important that you keep it interesting. Take the time out to travel and experience new things and you will find your relationship getting much stronger. Gemini can be a little cooler than fiery Sagittarius, so make allowances for this too. Find a common goal you can both work towards.

Compatibility level

Gemini and Sagittarius are two signs that are opposite to each other, but might have more in common than they think. Together, you could form a great team.