Gemini – Scorpio Love Compatibility

Between the changes that Gemini constantly makes within themselves and the mysteries that Scorpio surrounds themselves with, this relationship can be either incredibly intriguing to both parties or incredibly irritating.

Both of these signs are used to reading other people like an open book and being confronted with someone who is somewhat of a mystery, or is hard to gauge can lead to conflict. Being confused about your potential partner can be a good thing though and can lead to a spike in libido.

Romantic Compatibility

The mystery that surrounds both of you can be an extremely romantic situation to be in. Both of you will enjoy the challenging of unravelling the other. There is a reason that old-school erotic pictures were tame by today’s standards – mystery is sexy. With the thrill of the chase and the hopes of finding out the person underneath – the romance in this relationship can be exciting and steamy. Games of cat and mouse at the beginning of this relationship can bring about a teenage thrill you might never have thought you’d feel again.

Sexual Compatibility

Everyone likes a good mystery and the thrill of this relationship can build up huge amounts of sexual tension. And there’s only one way to release sexual tension, right? That’s by having sex. Lots and lots of sex. Once you’ve broken through to the person inside, you will find yourself excited and spending a lot of time in bed together, finding out just a little more each time.

How to Make it Work

This connection is either going to happen or it isn’t. If it isn’t going to work, go and find someone else. If you feel that you are getting somewhere, remember that Gemini can sometimes not be as emotional as Scorpio would like, but that Scorpio’s passion can at times be a little too much for Gemini. As long as a healthy balance, everything should work out fine.