Gemini – Taurus Love Compatibility

It’s important to remember, when looking at Gemini and Taurus that Taurus is a fiercely traditional, grounded and stoic Earth sign, while Gemini is free-spirited and flighty – your typical unconventional Air sign. Looking at it in this way, we can see that perhaps Taurus and Gemini aren’t the best of matches. In some ways they are polar opposites. But that’s no reason not to at least try.

Romantic Compatibility

Romantically, things might actually be looking up. If your idea of romance is a spicy-hot sex life that leaves you breathless and feeling a little raw. If your idea of romance is long, slow picnics and walks on the beach – perhaps you should look elsewhere.

The good news is that if a Gemini and a Taurus were to start a business together, that could end up being quite successful – Gemini’s creativity and the skill for making sound financial decisions that come from Taurus can be a great match.

Sexual Compatibility

It is thought that a coupling between Gemini and Taurus is great, scary and somewhat exhausting when it comes to the sexual side of things. What needs to be remembered though, is that sex is not the be all and end all of a relationship.

Sex is great, but if you can’t really communicate with your partner or feel like you can trust them with your feelings, you can’t build a strong relationship. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a quick, steamy and exciting hook up – Gemini and Taurus is great.

How to Make it Work

One of the most important things about any relationship is how you deal with arguments. When it comes to Gemini and Taurus – the best bet is – don’t argue at all. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. But between Gemini’s love for debate and playing devil’s advocate and Taurus’s ego and need to be right – this can be a recipe for disaster. Perhaps you should just stay in the bedroom?