Give Him a Gift without Spending Money

The wide world of dating sites is really buzzing around the holidays this year. Couples are scrambling to meet and spend the holidays together, and many are also scrambling to buy gifts for that special guy in their lives.

If you’re looking to get something special for your man, whether you’ve been with him for years or if you’re still getting to know all about him via dating sites, you can really wow him without spending money at all.

Ways to give him a gift without spending money

Massage therapy
Okay, so maybe you can’t pull these tips off via the dating sites, but that’s okay. Just remember them for when you’re actually with your guy. The first tip is all about giving him a “special” massage. Most guys love a massage, but women definitely don’t like to give them out on a regular basis. It’s a lot of work. So giving him a nice massage will certainly be a good gift.

At the car wash
Believe it or not, washing his car can be one of the best gifts he receives. Sure, it might not cost a lot to have his car washed, but it’s the effort that counts here. The important thing is that you let him watch you do it. It might be a little chilly outside, and the neighbors might want to pry, but he’ll be turned on like crazy.

Romantic favors
Offering up some romantic favors is another great way to give a gift without spending any money. Guys typically go ga-ga for oral sex, and offering this to him as a gift will go a long way to ensuring that he returns the favor with something sparkly and expensive.