His Secret Life: What's He Hiding?

Ladies, you have to face a fact of life when talking about men. They keep secrets from you. Don’t worry; we’re not saying that all their secrets are sinister. They’re just not going to be extremely telling about everything they do, like and want.

Whether you’re just getting to know them on dating sites or are married to them, guys keep their secrets. In fact, in many ways, they lead double lives – who they are around you and who they are when you’re not around.

Check out these things guys are keeping hidden from you.

Affectionate needs

See, I told you these secrets weren’t sinister. They’re just things that he doesn’t want you to know, for whatever reasons. And the fact that he secretly likes to cuddle with you and really wants to hold your hand is one of them.


Since most women spend a whole lot of time and effort trying to look good for men, most guys aren’t going to spoil this by telling them the truth. Guys prefer you without that caked on makeup, push-up bra, ass-accentuating jeans, etc. A little toner and a nice hair style – that’s fine. Beyond that, guys prefer you to be natural.

Straitjacket time

Yes, although most won’t tell you to your face, or will only tell you during a heated argument, most men think that you are legitimately crazy. I mean this seriously. The vast majority of men think that the vast majority of women are completely over the nest, out of their clocks, a can short of a six-pack, etc. They think this from the time they meet you via online dating sites to the time you’re out of their life (and perhaps even after).