How to Avoid Marrying the Wrong Guy

If you’re using any type of dating site out there to meet your match, you may want the relationship to eventually lead to marriage. It’s very common in today’s world of internet dating for women to forego the whole boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic and head straight for the husband-wife match.

Whether you’re using dating sites for this purpose or you’re just hoping to meet a great guy and play it day by day, you should still know how to avoid ending up with the wrong guy.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid marrying the wrong man

The past is now

Normally, when girls are hooking up with guys via dating sites, we’d say to back off of his past. We all have things in our past that we might not be proud of, so prying into them is a little much. However, marriage isn’t dating. If you’re to be married to this man, you definitely want to probe his past. It’s just too risky not to. There’s trust, and then there’s just blind faith – you want to go on neither.

Get what you need

What do you personally need out of life? Of course, you can’t expect guys to give you all the material things you may need, but things like a nice house, a financially secure future, a healthy family, etc, are all within the limits of demand. If a guy can’t give you what you need, then he’s probably the wrong guy for you.

Family matters

Just like it says, family matters. If you want children, you better make quite sure that he’s on the same page. Nothing’s worse than only one partner wanting a child in the relationship. It can lead to a quick divorce. And, not only that, pay attention to his family dynamic – family matters in more ways than one. If he’s from a crazy family, he may have picked up a few traits.