How to Break Up with your Boyfriend

Unfortunately, some love, however true it may feel, just doesn’t last. It’s not at all uncommon for break-ups to occur. In fact, they occur so frequently that it’s the actual staying together and reaching happily ever after that’s the oddity.

Not to deter anyone, of course; every relationship has the potential to work out. But how many times have you thought you found that “forever” before, only to be disappointed?

If you’re currently involved with your boyfriend but know that it’s a dead end, you may want to break up with him. Whether you’re still “together” via dating sites or out there in the real world, there’s no use in staying in a failed relationship. Here are a few tips you can use.

Be Blunt but Polite when Breaking Up with Him

If this is a decision you’re sure about, then you need to jump in with both feet and handle your business. You can send him a message through the dating site you’re using, speak to him on the phone, send a letter, etc, but you must break the news. Face to face is okay, but it can be harder and messier on the both of you. Be polite about it, not assigning any blame, and state unequivocally that it’s over.

Make a Clean Break

You can’t second-guess yourself on this one. It has to be a clean break. After you break up with your boyfriend, it’s time to avoid contact with him. This means avoiding him, ignoring his mails or other contact attempts, and just walking away – it might be rough, but it’s necessary.

Don’t Fall into a Trap when Dumping Him

After a few days or even a few weeks, your ex may contact you saying that he just wants to “talk.” This is a trap you should try to avoid. If you break down and meet with him, he’s just going to convince you to give the failed relationship another try. And you’ll either acquiesce or you’ll have to be crude in order to get away. It’s a lose-lose trap.

Resist the Sympathy for your Now EX Boyfriend

Many times, ex boyfriends turn on the waterworks in order to get the sympathy vote. All that “baby, I can’t live without you” and “I’ll kill myself” junk is just a ploy to get you back. Don’t feel sorry for your ex. Sometimes relationships just do not work. It’s just how it goes.