How to Break Up without the Mess

How to Break Up without the Mess

As recent stats have shown, online dating is able to breed real love like no other medium in world history. It might be a little hard to fathom, but people fall hard for one another over their computer and other mobile devices. Sure, you may have met this person on a free dating site, but the love still flourishes the same as it would anywhere else.

This means that break ups can get really messy in this world, just like in the real world, and hurt just as much.

It’s never fun to break up with someone. And when you’re doing it via the computer, it adds a whole other level or hurt for the dumped partner. So, if you’re breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend via the internet, here are a few tips to keep in mind to take the mess out of it for both parties.

The Early Bird…

Operating quickly here is imperative. If you feel like you need to break up with your partner and are sure of your decision, then don’t drag it out. It’s bad for you and it’s not fair to them. Break it to them quickly. There’s no painless way to do this. Putting it off until tomorrow or next week won’t make it any better. Take a deep breath and deliver the message.

Answer the Questions

If your partner starts to ask why, then tell them your true reasons for wanting to break up. Don’t lie; don’t beat around the bush; don’t feel as if you shouldn’t have to tell them, either. There was love there once, and there should still be respect there now. Give your honest reasons and just hope they understand.

Friends and Enemies

Staying friends can be dangerous ground. If this is something you’re both comfortable with, then maybe you can pull it off. But if it’s something the dumped party is bringing up, then you’ll know it’s just a way they’re trying to cling on. However you handle it here, the important thing is not to become enemies.

Don’t Reach Out

This is when it’s time to cut the communication off. Yeah, nobody said you’d get away scot free here. This person may be very upset with you for a while. But you can’t be there for them to lean on. It runs contrary to a break up. You both have to start moving past it.