How to Deal with Flirty Boyfriends

Meeting that right guy via an online dating site can really be an exciting thing. In the beginning of the relationship, when everything’s still fresh and new, you’re buzzing with anticipation and really want to know everything there is to know about the guy. You cannot wait to meet him. You cannot wait to fall in love.

However, some of us find out the hard way that our boyfriends have a propensity to flirt it up with every Sue, Jane and Sally from here to China, and they do it right in front of our faces, acting like it’s innocent and actually a thing worth doing!

Jealousy can drive you completely insane and make you wish you left him on the dating site where you found him. If you feel the relationship is worth keeping, though, here are a few ways to stop him from flirting.

Be stern but real

A lot of guys do realize that their girlfriends hate their flirty habits, but the more a girl fusses and screams about it, the more the guy wants to flirt due to the nagging. So when you approach your guy about flirting, be stern and be truthful. Don’t scream, don’t panic, and don’t threaten to sever his little guy – just let him know that it’s a BS punk move, it hurts you, and you’re sick of tolerating it.

Fight for it

A great way to let him know that you’re not having this anymore is to approach the girl he’s flirting with to mark your territory. It’s not at all uncommon for a guy to stray just so you’ll do this – sort of a weird confidence booster for him. Regardless, chewing out the competition should keep him on the porch.

Ultimatum time

Well, a lot of girls won’t wait until the third tip to give the ultimatum. They’ll do it at the first signs of flirting. Telling him to quit it before you quit him is always a working option.

Return the favor

There’s always been a double standard between men and women, stating guys can have flings but girls must be faithful. That’s a load of crap. If he flirts with girls, go flirt with guys in front of him and see how he likes it. He won’t!