How to get a girlfriend in high school

High school can be a crazy place.  Most kids aren't concerned so much with doing their homework but rather with getting a girlfriend in high school.  You have a lot more liberty in high school and let's be honest, there are a lot of good looking girls that you would love to spend your time with instead of studying algebra.  You get to high school and you see the girls but you also see that they are not that interested in you either.  So what can you do?  Finding a girlfriend can be a little tricky but you can do it.  You just need to know how to get a girlfriend in high school.  Follow this guide and over time you will have the skills to pick up any girl while in high school.

Where to Start Getting a Girlfriend in high school?

Take a look around.  Who is available to you?  There might be someone in a few of your classes that you are interested in.  If so, then try to strategically sit close to this person.  This way when you have to pair up, she will be paired with you and you can get to know each other.  Also if you have a question, you can ask her without having to dash across the room.  If the girl in your mind isn't in one of your classes, you have to be more creative.  You can sign up for extracurricular activities that she is in or just ask her a question about joining to give you guys an excuse to start talking.  You can also become friends with one of her friends so that you will be invited to go out and see her around.  Once she knows who you are, make sure you always say hi to her.  There is no need to stick around, just a quick hi will be intriguing enough.

What Characteristics do Girls Like?

Getting a girlfriend in high school can be easy if you show the traits that girls want to see.  They want to see a confident guy.  You should have no problem speaking your mind while being courteous.  You should also be funny.  No girl in high school can resist a funny guy.  Being able to communicate and being honest are major brownie points for winning over a girl.  If you can flash your pearly whites once in a while, this will help you out even more. Getting a girlfriend in high school is easy but you have to play your cards right.  If one girl doesn't work out, there will be plenty more.