How to get a girlfriend in middle school

Going into middle school is an exciting period in your life.  You will get to meet Lot's of new people and in particular, girls.  There is no doubt that there will be hormones treading the grounds at your middle school and you will have at least a crush or two in the few years that you are in middle school.  You might have not had luck in the past getting the girl of your dreams, or this might be your first dating experience.  Regardless of your expertise (or lack thereof) you can follow this simple guideline to help you to get a girlfriend in middle school.

Your Personality in Middle School

Who are you?  Are you nice to people?  Or are you a bully?  Girls love people who are nice.  They might think that bad boys are cool but in the end every girl wants to be treated like a princess.  If you can show her your softer side, then this is the first step towards getting a girlfriend in middle school.  If you are shy, try to put yourself out there a little more.  This will help girls to notice you.  You do not want to blend into the background.  You have nothing to lose.  There are much worse things than a girl saying no.  Remember, if you don't try, you'll never get what you want.  If you do try, you might be pleasantly surprised when she says yes.  Plus you have about three years to woe this girl.

Getting Noticed By the Girlfriend in middle school

You have to get noticed.  You might try to sit close to her during class so that she'll see you everyday.  Say hi to her in the hallway or whenever you see her.  You don't even have to know her or stop to talk to her.  Just a cool 'Hey" and walk by will do just enough to rattle her brain and spark an interest in you.  You do not want to be all over her.  Give her space but make sure that she knows that you exist and that there is the possibility that you are interested in her.  If you see her alone one day, you can try a casual conversation.  Anything can jump start a great conversation even if it is "Hey can I borrow your math notes".

Above all, you need to stay positive.  Being positive is the best way to get a girlfriend in middle school.  If one doesn't work out, there are plenty of girls in the school.  Have fun and be a fun person.  If someone says no, that is her loss not yours.  Practice makes perfect so start talking up the ladies today.