How to Get a Good Boyfriend

If you’ve finally made the choice to begin searching for love via dating sites, then knowing to how to actually land a great guy will really come in handy. In a perfect world, two lovers would just rush into each other’s arms like in the movies. But this isn’t Hollywood. Good relationships sometimes need to be coaxed along.

Get A Good Boyfriend All Around

Knowing how to get a good boyfriend via dating sites is a blend of art, science and that all-important gut feeling. Follow a few simple steps to help you land the best guy out there.

Give to Get

These dating site tips are steps, with the first being the most important, as it’s the set-up. What we mean by “give to get” is simple: you want to project all of your positive qualities into your profile so that you’re attracting the best guys out there. Be genuine and open, telling people a lot about you and making sure that you make clear you’re only after good guys. Don’t be a one-size-fits-all dater.

Be a Proofreader

More than likely, if you’ve been thorough with your dating profile and uploaded some photos, you’ll begin to receive various emails and pokes from guys interested in you. If you’re after the best guy, then you’re going to have to read what every guy has to say. Don’t go by looks alone here, and don’t get hung up on minor details that could throw you off, like a person’s job, political leanings, religion, etc. Judge on personality and overall fit for you.

Shyness is for the Birds

A lot of ladies joining online dating sites are a little bit on the shy side. They want to attract the best guys, but they don’t want to necessarily initiate contact. If you find a guy you think is right for you, but he hasn’t reached out, be sure that you do the reaching.

Leap of Faith

After you’ve initially met the guy, read about him, done a little bit of detective work, etc, it’s time to trust your gut. At the end of the day, after every step is followed and every precaution taken, it’s about taking that leap of faith to get to the next level. This is something no one else can help you with. The power is in your hands.