How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

As you may already know—or, if not, will undoubtedly learn—from relationships, a “break-up” certainly isn’t the be-all, end-all of love. Many, many couples call it quits only to get back together again. In many ways, it’s like the ebb and flow of dating.

Break-ups are something that plague all relationships in general, whether they were forged through online dating sites or by other means. And if you want to get your ex boyfriend back because you’re not ready to give up on love, here are a few tips you can use.

Don’t be Creepy if You Want to Get Him Back

Whether using online dating sites or following them around, a lot of girls make it a habit of “stalking” their ex boyfriends, and it doesn’t have to be physical to do so. Constantly checking his social networking pages or asking his friends about him can be considered stalking. If you want him back, don’t follow him around.

Don’t be Clingy No One Likes Girlfriends Like That

Clinginess is the last attribute you want to put out there during a break-up. Those “baby, I need you” and “I love you” and “come back” lines aren’t really appealing. A fact to remember about breaking up: the vast majority of break-ups aren’t permanent until the girl or guy starts acting differently—crazy in some cases—and turns their ex partner completely off to the idea of reuniting.

Be the Girl He Loved

It’s rare that two people will split under the same circumstances of which they fell in love. This means, simply, you’ve probably changed a lot since the two of you first got together. If you really want him back, you should try to be that girl he fell in love with. Remind him of what he’s missing.

Put Yourself in His Line of Sight to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Look your best and let him see you after a week or two. Now, if you’ve been avoiding the stalker route and avoiding being clingy, then now you can show up without any proverbial weirdness. In fact, you can reach out to him and ask if he wants to talk. Regardless, make sure he sees the “new” (read: old but updated) you.