How to get your ex girlfriend back

One lesson that all men should learn is how to get their ex girlfriend back. Guys make mistakes, especially about the women that they date. After some reflection during the time that the guy broke it off, he realizes that this woman has only been helpful to him and has had all of his interests in mind throughout the duration of their relationship. When they realize the mistake that they have made by breaking it off, it might be too late to get her back. She might hate you or she might have already moved on to someone else. But if you are truly in it to win it with her, then there might be a few tips that can help you to get your ex girlfriend back. Take a look at them below:

How to get her back

Don't play cool. It is better to grovel than to be nonchalant about the whole situation. You need to apologize and let her know how much of a jerk you were. You are going to have to lower your ego in order for her to believe that you really want her back. You should also tell her that you are willing to wait and that you will woe her over time. Make sure you say you are sorry.
Run ins. You went out for enough time to know where she is. You can casually bump into her at one of these spots and try to apologize to her directly. She might even give you some time to have a conversation which can help to lighten the situation.
Call her twice a week. You don't have to leave a message but the intent is good and she will see that you are trying.
Send gifts. Every woman loves a few gifts. Send her flowers or deliver a teddy bear to her car.
Write Something Original. You can write her a poem or even a simple letter. Tell her what you feel and try to be honest with her. Don't remind her of the ugly past. Remind her of the fun times that you had in the past and of the things that you realize that she has done for you over time that you might not have realized during that time.
Stay positive about getting your ex girlfriend back. But you should know that after a certain period of time you might have to let her go. The more recent the break up is the easier it is to get her back. If not you might have to wait years until she breaks up with her new beau.