How to Have a Fair Fight

Whether you’re still using dating sites or if you’ve been lucky enough to find true love, it’s important to know that you and your partner are going to fight like cats and dogs. If you’re not fighting yet, then take heed – it’s on its way.

One thing you might not be thinking about when using dating sites is how to handle a fight. For couples living together every day, though, it’s crucial that they pick up some fair-fighting tips.

Hitting below the belt or throwing a sucker punch during a fight can really damage the relationship and may even cause a permanent split. Here are a few tips you can use during arguments to make sure you’re always fighting above board.

Don’t interrupt

Fighting doesn’t mean speaking overtop of one another so that no one has their voice heard. If you want to fight fair and show respect, let your partner have his/her say until they’re finished talking and voicing their point.

Don’t shout

If you’re involved in a fight, you’re inevitably going to raise your voice. However, there’s a difference between speaking up and screaming. You shouldn’t shout during a fight. It’s mean, harsh and counterproductive. It’s no way to fight fair.

Relationships are relative

One important thing to remember that most people don’t realize is that, no matter how close a couple is, reality is relative to every individual. Something that makes sense to you might be an insane notion to your partner. This is something you’ll have to accept.

No Peanut Gallery

Arguments between couples do not need any outside interference. If you’re trying to make a point during the fight, because you think that will provide the winning “zing,” always remember that you need to avoid the “well, so-and-so said…” stuff. It’s just not worth it and isn’t fair to use in a fight.