How To Have A Great First Date In The UK: 5 Tips

How To Have A Great First Date In The UK

You spent several hours writing the perfect online dating profile. That has paid off in spades when it came to finding eligible singles that were interested in you. It doesn’t matter how you found your perfect match; whether one of the thousands of online dating sites in the UK. It doesn’t matter if it was a free or paid membership site or if you joined one of the many date services that provided matchmaking services for you. Here you are at that critical point.

It is now time to actually go out on that first date. This could and should be the fun part, but if you are finding it to be terrifying here are a few basic tips and strategies to make it easier and less stressful for you.

The first tip is to ask your date questions. We all like to talk about ourselves so it seems reasonable any date would too. Be thoughtful and sincere and really listen to your date. This is the critical “getting to know one another,” stage in your relationship.

Tip two is to ask in-depth questions that require thought to answer. Yes and no questions won’t get you very far whereas dialog questions will sustain the conversation and give you even more topics to discuss along the way.

The third tip is to ask questions that follow-up on the other answers that your date has provided. This also shows that you have been listening and are sincerely interested in them.

Strategy, or tip number four is to not reveal too much. You shouldn’t be too close-mouthed but the first few dates is not the time to raise heated political or religious discussions. It may seem important to know how your date feels about such matters when it comes to being compatible but you don’t want to spoil the first date. Also, it is wise to avoid discussions of former lovers or negative past relationships.

Then last, but certainly not least, tip five: Keep the questioning on a friendly level. Don’t make it so much about answering questions they’ll wonder if this is a casual, friendly or romantic date so much as an interview. This could make your date become tedious, boring or border on the downright scary.

These are just some basic tips and strategies to follow when dating in the UK or anywhere else in the world. Have a great first date.