How to Kiss Your Boyfriend for the First Time

The odds are good that if you’re using online dating sites to meet a great guy, then this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve probably had relationships before, and intimacy isn’t really something you’re not adept in. However, every new boyfriend is going to be different, and new love always feels like the first love.

The First Kiss Is Always The Scariest

In other words, as skilled as you may be at kissing, you could find yourself back at square one with a new boyfriend. Here are a few tips you can use for kissing your boyfriend.

Go with the Flow

Tips for a first kiss might not seem important, but a kiss can either seal the deal or start the snowball that ultimately wrecks a relationship. The better the kiss, the better your chances. Ideally, guys will kiss you first if they’re sensing that you want it. So just be sure to go with flow. Don’t get carried away with tongue or groping or moaning. Be a willing partner if you are, but remember to stop it at a kiss. The first kiss shouldn’t turn into a make-out session.

Lips Only

The first kiss, as stated previously, should be just that – a kiss. For this, it’s better to go with the lips only. Mixing the tongue in or trying to give one another hickeys and little love nibbles sends the wrong idea. It can turn a first kiss into the first all-night sex-fest. And while that might be okay with you, anything too advanced early in a relationship is usually bad news.

Slow is Sweet

A fevered-pitch kiss, full of lust and longing, is great if your boyfriend is just getting back from war or as a precursor to make-up sex after a big fight. But for the first kiss, taking your time and going slowly is what you should be aiming for.

Measured Enthusiasm

So, you really, really want to kiss your boyfriend, but he hasn’t made the first move yet? Yeah, this can be a little nerve-racking. If you want him to plant one on you, then you need to show him the signals. That doe-like gaze, that come-hither stare and distressed damsel sigh – they’re great ways to clue him in. But you don’t want to jump his bones or send any signals too strong. Show some restraint.