How to know if you’re being Played

In the world of online dating sites, you can really break everyone down into two groups: the people who are serious about finding true love, and everyone else. In the everyone else category, of course, we find spammers, scammers, and our all-time favorite (sarcasm), the players.

Players are guys who are looking only to hook up with you, sleep with you, and then move on to the next girl. They show the same typical patterns, time and again, but they’re rather hard to catch from the inside looking out. By and large, they’re fairly decent con men and have spent a lot of time honing their craft.

Signs that the guy you’re chatting with is playing you

Constant Texting

With most men, it’s hard to squeeze a word out of them via text after the first few initial conversations. With players, however, they never give it a rest. They’ll text and text and text, trying to keep you focused on them and them only. Dating sites are probably the best format to ever arise for a player.

Late-Night Contact

Genuine guys respect the call rule and won’t interrupt your evenings. Players, on the other hand, love to text at night as you’re about to go to sleep. Why? Well, this is when they’re used to the action happening, and they’ll certainly try to goad you into something at midnight.

Habitual Sex Talk

At first, all the chatty sex stuff might seem like more of a joke. But once you pay attention, you’ll realize that players cannot resist talking about sex with you. After all, that’s exactly what they want out of the relationship. So if you look past the façade, you’ll spot his true colors.

Poor Reaction

If your guy is dropping that sex talk, there’s a surefire way to tell if he’s a player or if he’s just horny. Simply call him on it and tell him you’re not interested. If he’s a player, he will react very poorly to this. Players don’t usually attempt to come from behind (no pun intended) to win a losing game. They’ll cry and cruse and move on.