How to Make Out with your Boyfriend

Making out certainly isn’t only for teenagers and young lovers. Couples of all ages find themselves on the sofa, the kitchen floor, in the bathroom at the restaurant, at the ball game, etc, making out and going at it like wild animals.

It’s just something that happens. It comes with love, and it’s a great thing. Whether you met your boyfriend using dating sites or through other means, some make-out tips certainly may come in handy.

Here are a few tips for making out with your boyfriend:

Get Comfortable

Now, getting comfortable doesn’t mean to feel safe and secure around your partner. Though that’s what you want to be, obviously, we’ll assume that you’re past that point. What we mean here is to be comfortable about where you’re positioned, because nothing spoils the make-out mood worse than a cramp or a stray gear shifter in the back. Get on the sofa or on the bed and be comfortable.

Create the Kiss

If you want to initiate the make-out session with your boyfriend, then you’ll have to create the first kiss. Look at him with the “look” (you know which look!), lean in slowly, and plant a great kiss on him, one that he’ll certainly remember.

Find your Cues

When using dating sites, it’s hard to tell what your partner is feeling. But when you’re together, you’ll just know. So when making out, find your cues. Feel around for what’s right. Put your hand on different parts of his body, ease into other positions, and slide around until you reach the next level. If you’re both into it, things will go smoothly enough.

Let it Linger

Don’t be in a hurry for anything here. Once you’re through making out with your boyfriend, you’ll realize that, even if it lasted for hours, it went by far too quickly. Take your time here and work slowly. It could lead into sex, or it could just be a passionate hours-long make-out session. Either way, you shouldn’t be in a hurry.