How to Meet the Right Guy

If you’ve ever heard the saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea, you probably know that, in order to land the right guy, you have to use the right bait. Especially in the world of online dating sites, guys are truly a dime a dozen, and grabbing any fish out of the huge group might leave you wishing you’d have thrown your catch back.

Patience is important when using online dating sites. You don’t want to jump at the first guy you meet who seems like he’s a good match for you. While it’s true that he really may be, you still want to slow down and make sure he’s the right guy.

So, how can you meet the right guy?


This might not sound like something that’s up your alley, but entertaining more than one option is always ideal. In fact, when using online dating sites, entertaining a few options is probably the better choice. By having a few options, you can start to look for qualities in each of the guys that stand out to you. From there, you should be able to easily deduce what you want from a guy and if he’s right for you.

Detective Work

If you think you’re getting closer to meeting the right guy, this is where you can play the detective and start digging for information. You don’t want to be intrusive, but you still need to know certain things about him – his background, his career, his in-depth personality, his aspirations, etc.


Patience is a thing that’s underrated with dating sites. Because of the high amount of traffic, it’s easy to meet people and to quickly go out on a date. But the right guy for you will want to be patient. He’ll want to know more about you before you two actually become a couple. So if he’s willing to be patient with you, you know you’re on to something good.