How to Romance a Guy

At the end of the day, guys are relatively simple creatures with relatively simple tastes. This goes for all 3,000,000,000 guys on the planet, not just the ones you’ll find when using online dating sites.

Even though we’re an easy breed to please, however, that still doesn’t mean that we don’t wholeheartedly appreciate a little extra effort to romance us up some!

If you’ve met that special someone via a dating site or even if you’re currently in a successful relationship, here are a few tips for going that extra mile and romancing men.

How to Romance a Guy

Bring meat

Yeah, we know that you’d rather us eat healthy. When you decide to go all out and cook an extravagant meal for us, it usually has a lot of those, whatchamacallits in there – vegetables. Well, we want the meat. You can still light your candles and pour your wine, just put a slab of beef down and we’re yours.

Join us

After the first few hundred times that you run us out of the bathroom, we assume shower sex is out of the question. So, if you really want to be romantic, go ahead and jump in the shower with your guy by surprise and immediately get to work on him. He’ll love you x2 for at least a week.

Play to his tastes

Men assume that women want some type of girly drink for any celebration or any romantic encounter – wine, champagne, fruity stuff, etc. Guys, on the other hand, are perfectly fine with a beer. Bring him a six-pack wearing nothing but some socks and his t-shirt and it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Do the work

Believe it or not, guys want you to reach orgasm every time you have sex. They love to feel that you’re satisfied. It’s just that there are only so many hours in a day, and he can’t be bothered. But when you want to romance him, lay him back and do all the work. At best, you’re looking at 15 minutes, 3 if you stick to the main course and leave the side dishes alone.