How to Soothe Your Partner’s Nerves

When you’re using dating sites in order to find that special girl or guy, you have a few certain things you look for. You look for a single person, obviously, and for other things like smoking/drinking habits, religious views, distance, personality traits, etc.

One of the things you’ll probably never look for on a dating site—and may not be able to find even if you do—is a person’s proclivity for flipping out over small things.

Yeah, some people have a tendency to completely freak out over virtually nothing. If you find that your partner is prone to multiple freak-out spells, use these tips to help calm their nerves.

Flip it

If your partner starts to freak out about something, depending on the level of the freak out, you can possibly get in there quickly and flip it around. Instead of freaking out yourself, perhaps you can pull a move on them and turn it into a make out. It works more often than you might think.

Be the comforter

There’s really no use in arguing with someone who’s freaking out. It’s not about winning or losing; it’s more of the fact that you’ll only make the anxiety worse, and it will also cause them to freak out more often. Instead, simply comfort your partner after he or she is finished blowing the gasket. In the mean time, guard the valuables.

Agree… gently

If you can integrate yourself into your partner’s freak-out, you may be able to soothe their nerves by quietly agreeing with them. Showing support and letting them know that you’re mad about it too might switch off their anxiety mode when they realize that you can be angry without throwing fits.

Never patronize

The worst possible thing you can ever do during your partner’s freak-out session is to patronize or make light of the situation. To you, it may seem like your partner is completely blowing things out of proportion. To your partner, however, he/she is reacting as warranted.