International Dating Roundup

Are you infatuated with European men? Are you looking to hook up with the hottest Brazilian women in the world? Here are some fun and helpful articles and videos that will help you land the big one:

How to date a French man – Learn how to date a Frenchman according to a Frenchman

Dating those crazy German guys – Find out more about the rule obsessed world of German men

Girls Guide to Meeting European Men blog – See if you can figure out if this girl is for real or if it is one of the best parodies EVER

Conflicting mindsets in foreign dating - 3 Foreign Contestants on Chinese Dating Show

Dating and exchanges - Funny dating story involving two foreign exchange students

Americans dating the French - Differences, Customs and Misunderstandings – Conversations and tips for women who are into dating only French men

Tips for dating Japanese people – Find out about some issues that could effect the quality of your date

4 essential tips for dating Americans – Find out what you need to know about dating Americans

Dating A Foreigner – Hilarious Funny or Die video

Quick guide to dating foreign women – Get the scoop on dating any kind of foreign girl

Brits and Yanks don’t always mix – The horrors of dating foreigners

American woman on dating European men and European man on dating American women – Two sides of the same coin

Expat Chat Project: Dating Abroad – Issues that arise when dating a foreigner

Intro to dating Brazilian girls – Tips on how and where to pick up hot girls

Dating those from foreign countries is always an adventure, I hope these links have helped you accomplish your goals. Have fun!