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When they say there is an app for everything they are not exaggerating. You can now do all your online dating through your iPhone, iPod and even iPad if you want to and there really is no end to the tons of free and paid dating apps that are available.

If you are constantly on the go then dating apps from the iTunes store are the perfect solution. There are loads of interesting new ways to meet people including taking advantage of those applications that make use of GPS technology to meet exciting people no matter where you are!

Whether you are looking for a casual hookup or a long term relationship, our comprehensive list of dating apps will help you find that perfect partner. Start reading any one of our reviews below to see which app fits your lifestyle and mood best.

The dating app reviews are in no particular order and if you have an application that you would like to see featured on our site please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to have it listed on datingsites.org.

Date Check
datecheck app

Seriously, not to be hyperbolic, but there are some creepy single people out there – and if you’ve met your potential date via an online dating site or through a mutual friend and don’t really know this person, it’s hard to tell what you may be walking into. Date Check allows people to get the pertinent information they need before going out with someone.

This app wasn’t designed to put people off the idea of dating someone. Let’s face it:  you’re just as likely to fall in love with a complete stranger, and you can never know someone unless you attempt to get to know them.

But some people believe in playing it safe instead of being sorry in hindsight, and Date Check simply allows individuals to enter the person’s name, email, address, or phone number to find out some juicy details about their life.

It was released in 2010 by Intelius Inc and millions of cautious daters have downloaded this application in order to make sure they’re not walking into a buzz saw.

What can you check out about a person via Date Check? Well, you can find out if they have a criminal record like sexual offenses, DUI’s, assault, theft or drug chargers, or other criminal offenses. These are the types of things most people aren’t so forthcoming about, so this dating app can definitely come in handy.
Little Black Book
black book
The idea of a black book has been around for quite a while. Some people are serial daters and enjoy keeping files on every contact they have, whether it’s just to remain close, to remain friends, or even to make the proverbial booty call on a lonely Friday night.

The mobile app Little Black Book helps to streamline the process and to keep it hidden from prying eyes much more effectively than keeping your files on paper.

little black book

Other features of Little Black Book include a rating system, a separate file system and password key for intimate photos, a great customizable interface, a romance counter, a locking mechanism, and much more.

Learn more about Little Black Book app at the iTunes store online.

As social creatures, we all love to be out and about, and many of us have jobs in public offices and other public locations. This leaves us all subjected to the elements and, unfortunately, the unrelenting call of nature. You know how it is: when you gotta go, you gotta go. But those noisy bathroom breaks can be a little more than embarrassing when you’re squatting in a public stall. Wouldn’t you believe it – there’s an app for that too, called Cover-Up!

Cover-Up has been out since 2009 and was released by Appetizer Mobile LLC. The main premise behind it all: Cover-Up literally “covers up” those sudden loud bursts of noise emanating from our bodies when we use the toilet.

You can probably imagine some of the practical applications of Cover-Up. If you’ve just been invited over to your boyfriend’s house to meet the parents but that roast beef somehow ran right through you, Cover-Up can make sure that no one hears the human vs. porcelain struggle going on in the bathroom.

Cover-Up’s template can be set to look just like a makeup case, so it’s more suited to women (or for men who don’t mind going a little Boy George at times). The application plays five different sounds, controlled by the makeup compartments posing at buttons, and the makeup brushes allow you to control the volume.

When nature calls, you can’t avoid it, but Cover-Up can at least help save you from an embarrassing outburst. Click here to learn more about the Cover Up app.

Excuse Me

If you’ve ever been on a bad date or in a bad conversation—or have had them happen both at the same time—then you know that finding a way out is a necessity. But how many times can you excuse yourself to the bathroom before they get the hint? You don’t want to be rude. Well, this is where Excuse Me can literally bail you out with a fake a phone call. That’s right: a fake phone call!

Excuse Me is touted as the most advanced fake call app out on the market. Yeah, there are a few, so if your date ever catches a call, you’ll definitely have to scratch your chin and wonder just who’s on the other end of the line – a real person or a realistic robotic voice message that plays along and is almost indistinguishable from a real call.

This app has been around for a few years, brought to you by Smudge Apps Ltd, and it has had some thick competition in the marketplace. Excuse Me stands out due to its relative ease of use. Users can quickly access the screen and pull up the menu to select a call instantly, in 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes. And with the large buttons, you can very discreetly bail yourself out of a situation without looking like you’re avoiding eye contact.

Users also get to set just who’s calling them and can change ringtones, set the phone to vibrates, and a slew of other options that will leave your intentionally ignored guest feeling as if he or she is intruding on a private conversation.

It might seem a little cruel to bail out on someone like this, but if you’re ever in that sort of situation, Excuse Me gives you the perfect opportunity to excuse yourself.

Click here to learn more about this apple app.

charm him app

CharmHim is a dating app released last year that offers advice on dating to women, with the selling line being to help a woman find the proverbial “man of her dreams.”

The app doesn’t provide a phonebook’s worth of names and a yearbook of photos to browse through; instead, it gives practice advice and offers up tips on how to attract the man you want and subsequently spark the romance.

In other words, CharmHim is more or less a motivational tool in the form of a cool application, brought to you by Charmistry LLC. This app is dishing out the dirt on how women can go from reserved and shy to instantly owning any room, commanding attention in any situation.

Tips are provided to users and range from getting a guy to make that first move to how to have a smooth-flowing date without any of the awkward pauses that could otherwise ruin a budding relationship.

The app also allows you to bookmark your favorite tips so you can return to them on the fly, just in case you forget in the heat of the moment.

CharmHim offers users over 800 tips in 16 different categories, with tip categories including: Fashion, Body Language, Conversation, Techniques and Tactics, Mindsets, What Not to Do, Exercises, Social Circles, and many, many more.

Learn more about this app at CharmHim for iPhone.

Crush Notifier

crush your friendsCrush Notifier is brought to you by the same developers who created Breakup Notifier, the popular app that was quickly banned from Facebook.

This newest FB app has been designed with more of a light hearted hand to guide it. You simply “crush” on your friends (those you are actually interested in romantically that is) and if they crush you back, you’ll both get notified via email.

The beauty of it is that it is completely anonymous. If you are not crushed back, those you crushed will never know you were interested them to begin with.

It’s not like you are going way out on a limb with your heart on your sleeve or anything, which makes it a safer, happier alternative to the Breakup Notifier that just allowed you to use negative information about others.

The fact that none of your crushes will be posted on Facebook, even thought it’s a Facebook app is a nice touch. It’s a safe and fun way to see if those you are interested in are interested in you back.

iFancy dating app

Price: Free
Current Rating on Apple: 2.00

iFancy is a great location based DATING app that lets you find beautiful single girls and guys close to your proximity. Turn on your geo-location function and you’ll be able to locate people who also have iFancy and are looking to flirt.

iFancy_ScreenShot1 You can download and install iFancy for free, complete your personal profile, upload a photo and start messaging people with the free message credits. Search profiles based on sex, age, relationship status and even distance from you. If there is someone you like, simply click the “Fancy” button to send them a few notification. If they send you a Fancy back, who knows you might just be able to hook-up for a drink, dinner, dance or maybe even more!

For more information about this App or to download it from iTunes, simply click on one of the links below. Happy Dating!

More info at ifancy.com
Download app from Apple

Grindr dating app

Price: Free
Current Rating on Apple: 4.00

Grindr Mobile App Spikes the Gay Dating SceneThere are many online dating applications out there for iPhones and Blackberries, but few applications deal directly with the gay community. Joel Simkhai, a 33-year-old Californian man, noticed the market trending away from the gay community last year and decided to do something about it.

His answer: the Grindr application – a mobile app that gives the location of every “out” man in your immediate vicinity.

This has sparked a gay dating revolution in places like Australia, where more and more men are able to find partners by simply checking out Grindr via their iPhones. This location-aware application has been pinpointed as the culprit in Australia’s ongoing gay sexual revolution.

And with over 2,500 unique users logging on every single day, there are now millions of gay men around the world accessing Grindr to find a local mate near them.

With the way Grindr works, one may think that this small application is a major intrusion on someone’s privacy. After all, the app is able to geographically pinpoint the location of another gay male by using GPS features, meaning you’ll know if this person is at the gym, on the freeway or even in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant. It’s that accurate.

However, every Grindr user knows what they’re getting into when they download the app and upload their profile. They want to be found. This application isn’t for forging friendships or even for traditional online dating. It’s all about hooking up on the go.

Grindr continues to gain popularity around the world, and versions are in the works for the new iPad, Google’s Android, and also versions for straight men and women.

More info at Grindr.com
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