Is He Into You? Part One

No matter how adept you are at using dating sites, it still might be a little hard to tell if the guy you like is into you on any serious level. And while you can certainly pick up some signs that he’s feeling you if he’s giving them, the real difficulty comes in signs that he’s avoiding anything serious.

Here are signs that guys show if he's not into you:

1: The Texter
If you wanted to avoid getting serious with someone on a dating site, but still wanting to speak to them, what would you do? You would text, of course! This is how you can tell that a guy isn’t into you – if he always wants to text and avoids using other methods like the phone.

2: Tardiness
When guys like you, they’ll show up on time. In fact, they’re often early in order to show their commitment. When they’re not into you, however, they’ll stroll in late and leave you waiting.

3: The “Ex” Factor
Even people not skilled at using dating sites know that it’s a bad idea to bring up exes. If the guy’s ex is still in the picture in some form or fashion, you can bet that he’s not really in to you.

4: The Snub
Guys are typically proud of the girls they’re dating. They love showing them off to friends. If he hasn’t introduced you to his friends or hasn’t even brought up his friends that much, this could be a sign that he’s snubbing you and that he isn’t really interested in a relationship.

5: No PDA
Okay, so you can’t have true “PDA” (Public Displays of Affection) via dating sites, but you can still have faux PDA – Private Displays. If he’s not really affectionate, then don’t think that he’s just a little shy or reserved. If it’s in conjunction with these other signs, then you should realize that he’s just not into you.