Is He Into You? Part Two

Continuing where we left off: it can be a tough thing to pick up the signs from a guy. They’re harder to read than an upside down book. However, if you know what to look for, you should be able to spot the tell-tale signs that a guy just isn’t in to you.

When using online dating sites, be sure to heed these next five tips in order to avoid putting your eggs in the wrong basket – tips 6-10.

6: The Future

If a guy is very hesitant about mentioning his future plans, or if they are mentioned but just don’t involve you, then you can be sure that he’s not on the same level with you. If he was, you would come up in his life plans – even via online dating sites, he’d still want to mention you.

7: The Cruelty

Okay, so maybe he’s not down-right mean, but his lack of compassion and genuine kindness can be a sign that he’s not thinking about you in “that” way. Pay attention to how he treats you. If he isn’t kind and sympathetic to you, then he simply doesn’t care enough to be.

8: So What

Most guys who really care about you will show a great interest in the people and things you also care about. If he doesn’t, then he’s trying to say that he doesn’t find these things important to him, and thus doesn’t find you as that important.

9: Dateless Nights

When relationships are forged through online dating sites, guys usually waste no time in trying to initiate a live encounter. So if he isn’t trying to plan dates with you or isn’t even speaking about possibly meeting you in person, then it might be best to move on to the next guy.

10: Blank Pages

In this day and age, guys and girls usually exchange MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook pages within minutes. If you’ve been speaking to him for a period of time but he still hasn’t mentioned you—directly or indirectly—on your social networking sites, then he’s probably not thinking of you at all outside of the one-on-one conversations you’re having.