Is He really Busy?

Girls, we all know that guys love to make excuses by the boatload. What we don’t know, however, is how often he’s actually telling the truth and how often he’s lying to us. This can be even harder to figure out if you’re communicating through a dating site or through some type of text.

When using text to talk, it’s really easy to say one thing and mean another. When you don’t have to look someone in the eye, when you can’t get a sense of their body language, and when there’s no pressure to tell the truth – this is when a lie becomes second nature.

When he tells you “I’m busy,” you can tell if he’s being truthful with you, if…

It’s in context

Whether you’re still in the dating site phase of your relationship or if you’re now really dating, you should know exactly what he does for a living. So, when he drops that “busy” line on you, pay attention to the context. Does it make sense for him to be busy? If not, he’s just using it as an excuse.

It’s not constant

Not that all guys are dumb, but they’re not exactly known for being great thinkers at all times. When a guy tells you he’s busy and it actually works and he’s able to avoid you, a lot of them will use this excuse time and again. If he’s overusing “busy” as his so-called reason for being absent, then bank on it being an excuse.

It isn’t too coincidental

Let’s say you’re trying to make plans with your guy to meet your sister or to attend your friend’s wedding, but suddenly he can’t because he’s “busy.” If this is the first time you’re hearing about him being busy, then it may be too coincidental to be true.

It’s made up

With “made up,” we’re speaking more like a missed school day. If your guy tells you he’s busy and then is willing to make it up to you, then the odds are that he’s really busy. But if he says it and then doesn’t have any remorse for not spending time with you, his motives might be a little more sinister.