Keeping a Relationship Sexually Healthy

Many people claim that sex isn’t an important factor in a relationship. However, something stands out as mighty false about that statement. In fact, “love” isn’t necessarily one of our genetic traits beyond what family bonds forge (that’s one for Freud); it’s actually the drive to procreate and our body’s chemistry and pheromones that direct us to seek partners.

Think of it this way. If all you ever needed in life was a companion so you wouldn’t be lonely, simply having a friend would suffice. It’s the sex that makes a relationship what it is, and sex is one of the primary factors in crossing the healthy/unhealthy line.

After reading these few tips, you’ll be ready to toss this article into the “captain obvious” pile. But that’s due to the fact that any sex advice, even if you’re not aware of it now, will seem like common knowledge. The problem is in not implementing it.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your sexual relationship healthy.

I told you – this stuff is a no-brainer. Of course, it is easier said than done but this is one of the most important sexual health tips. Communication in this context doesn’t mean to simply keep open lines. It means to discuss sex. Sex, for some couples, is the elephant in the room. You need to be open and honest about sex. Have a serious discussion, speak about what you like and don’t, make time for the activity and stay passionate about one another.

One of the main reasons relationships don't stay healthy and suffer sexually is due to the mundane nature of sleeping with the same person in the same position at the same times, etc. It becomes routine, the thrill evaporates, and pretty soon sex becomes something duty-bound instead of something for maximum pleasure. I’m sure you’re heard the phrase, “Spice things up.” It means what it says. Be spontaneous about sex, role play; make it a fun time with books and toys and videos.

Guys may think about sex all the time, but women get horny like nobody’s business! This means a Roman-like sex party when the relationship first reaches that level. But it also means the “not in the mood” and “I’m tired” stuff when the thrill subsides. The trick here is to know when your partner wants sex. Even if you’re not necessarily ready to sweat into the oldies, you should try to satisfy your partner when he or she needs it. Conversely, if they do not want it and you do, learn to stand down and take care of yourself.

These three sexual health tips are enough to open the lines in your relationship and start to look at sex in a different light. If all else fails, there are other things you can try, like counseling, but just put some effort in and watch the difference.