Keeping Relationships Healthy by Taking the Best Medicine

People get together and people break apart; there are countless options out there for couples who are struggling with fidelity, communication and other problems in their relationships. The divorce rate around the world is higher than ever and so many people break up as a final option to an unhappy relationship.

Couples never intend to split up; most believe they will be in love and happy forever. This article explores ways in which you can try to save a relationship before it gets the stage where a break up is the only option.

Act preemptively

The best way to save a relationship is to heed the early warning signs and act preemptively, making sure that both of you are doing everything you can to keep the relationship strong and healthy. One of the best ways to do this is with is often referred to as “the best medicine”: laughter.

Laughter may seem to be a trivial matter, but laughter is a direct result of happiness and happiness is what will keep a relationship strong. Happy couples want to stay together so that they can have more happiness. It’s like a love drug. Being able to laugh a lot with your partner will mean that time spent together is constructive and positive and if there are bad times it can help to heal the hurts of the past problems.

Have fun

Now when I speak about laughter I don’t mean you both need to go out and take stand-up comedy lessons, rather that you need to look for the ‘fun’ in every situation. Go to funny plays, watch funny movies, and joke around at home or in the park.

When last did you two watch a funny movie? Women often want to watch a chick-flick or tear-jerker and guys will more than likely choose an action movie when given the option. One always has to sacrifice their wants for the wants of the other and this can cause friction in the relationship. Now, try watching a comedy instead and you’ll notice how both of you feel included in the fun.

Other ways to add fun to a relationship is by doing activities like skiing, going to the beach or even seeking the thrill of an amusement park or a Cabaret show. Going to these ‘different’ and exciting places will keep the relationship healthy because it takes you both out of your usual routine and closer together.

So try something new and make sure that it brings the possibility of fun and laughter – the best medicine.