Learning How To Pick Up Men

My how the times have changed; gone are the days when it was exclusively left up to the man to make the first move. Women picking up men is becoming a more common occurrence these days; we’ve come a long way since the beginning of women’s liberation.

Due to the fact that the women are not generally used to this type of romantic interaction it may seem quite daunting in the beginning and you might not know where to start. This article looks at some tips that will help you girls hunt for the perfect man.

Know what men want
By this I mean: what men want in a woman. Men generally go for women who are confident about themselves and their appearance. Be comfortable with who you are and the clothing you wear. Little things like having your hair done or wearing a dress that makes you feel beautiful will help so much more than you can imagine.

Guys like it when you come on fast and strong
A thing to remember is that most guys (not all) like it when you come on to them strongly and blatantly.  Men are not mind readers, in fact when it comes to romance they are pretty dumb (am I right girls?).   The more obvious you are about what you want the easier it will be for them to know that you are interested.  Don’t try subtle hinting; instead be bold and forward, if he is not interested you will know almost instantly and you can move on.

And "fast and strong" does not mean being obscene or vulgar.  The last thing you want to do is give an impression of "being easy."

What you can say:
"You're very funny and cute." 
"I love football too! Go Colts" 
"Are you always this funny?"
"I always like smart men"

Be more hands on
Obviously men like a good conversation, but sometimes doing something a little more active and hands-on could be a better catalyst for romance. Examples of this are bowling, dancing, going out etc. Basically instead of awkward silences there is action that fills the gaps.

Most men aren’t talkers - that’s your job – so if you want to pick him up be mindful that you need to make him feel comfortable and also keep his attention. Most men would rather do an activity with you than listen to you blab for an hour or two.

These three tips are a good way to get started with your mission of picking up men. There are many other tips out there, so keep doing research, but knowing and implementing these three should have very positive results. If you are going to take one thing away from this article it is that men are not mind readers, so tell them what you want.