Liberal vs. Conservative: The Dating Edition

They say—whoever “they” may be—that there are two topics no aspiring couple should touch when attempting to build or maintain a relationship: Religion and politics. And while religion has always kept much of the world polarized, politics, especially in America, is the new hands-off hot topic at hand.

Political ideology is dangerous territory these days, with no one being shy about displaying their respective side of the fence on their shirt sleeve. Politics not only keep politicians and pundits at each other’s throats, but the focus is also causing average folks, usually unaffiliated, to cling to their own and shun any different viewpoint.

This is a trend that’s even spilling over into the online dating sites industry.

When looking for love online, one might think that a simplistic, unimportant trait such as political dogma wouldn’t hinder two souls from sharing that wondrous lovers’ light. But in today’s frenzied climate, the box you check under “political beliefs” is as important to some folks as other categories such as religion, children, career and living situation.

The fact of the matter seems to be that people are separated decidedly and do not wish to reach across the aisle. Liberals are shunning the conservatives and the conservatives are ignoring the liberals. And, as usual, independents are left out of the equation – perhaps for daring to be individualists and not choosing a side.

So, what is the cause of this massive divide that’s keeping some from connecting and sharing what may otherwise be a chance at a meaningful relationship? Well, it’s hard to quantify, but if one had to choose a single word, it would be “Obama.”

Not that Bush the Younger was the bringer together of scatter-shot principle, mind you. But with America’s newest president, the country was split hard and fast; the cult of personality on one side, dissidents on the other. His is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of presidency, and everything that goes along with it just seems to further drive the wedge.

Whether it’s the climate change legislation in the works that could cost the country trillions, or a healthcare bill that could give the government exponentially more control over prices and practices, or the stimulus packages that seem to keep coming, people are involved and are extremely passionate about what they think should be done and by whom.

This passion is as contagious as swine flu paranoia, and possibly just as feigned. But the fact remains that some singles are choosing to avoid their neighbors due to the flag they wave. The grass may truly be greener, but nobody seems overly keen about walking on it.

Does anyone else spot the absurdity here?