London Dating on the Cheap

London is renowned for being a very expensive city; one of the most expensive in Europe. Many people could be a bit overwhelmed by the price of dining out and so struggle to go for many dates, which could seriously restrict their love lives. This article takes a look at a few ways you can get out and about in London town with your date and not have to break the bank.

There are wonderful restaurants in London that do not cost an arm and a leg - you just need to find them. Yes, you will see many flashy, expensive clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants as you walk the streets of London, but you need to change your perspective and take advantage of the city’s natural atmosphere and vibrancy.

Here’s a little date plan that might help you do just that:

I was on a date with a woman I was really digging at the time, but we both didn’t have much money, and I knew this. I was still adamant we would have a great evening so I devised a little plan to make the most out of penniless situation.

1)     The walking distance between Underground (tube) stations is roughly 15 minutes and never a lot more, so we started out in Covent Garden. Covent Garden is a great place to take a girl or guy if you’re on a date in the London area as there are tons of pubs and bars that are fairly cheap when it comes to simple (but delicious) food and drink. So after a few pints (for me) and a few glasses of wine (for her) we had spent less than £30 after which we took a stroll down to London Bridge.

2)     On the South Bank is a super little pub called Horneyman’s. What’s great about this pub (other than the name) is that you can buy a drink and then go sit outside on the wall which overlooks the river Thames. From this point you can see London’s three most famous bridges, and if you get there at sundown you might just experience one of the most romantic sights in London.

3)     Finally, go past the Cutty Shark (a very famous clipper ship) and you’ll go under a dark archway, where a busker will probably be playing, lit only by tea lights. Chuck him/her a few pounds and ask for something sad and sweet and finish the date off with an intimate slow dance, something neither of you will ever forget.