Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Most people spend their life or at least entire decades looking for love. They may date several people or be seeking an online dating relationship hoping to find the other half of their life. They have expectations of what love is like when it is really one of the hardest things to ever define. If a person speaks about love or relationships they seem to take on a cynical note; no matter who they are or even how happy they really are.

The fact is that when it comes to cynicism in the context of love everyone has an opinion. There are of course those we think have the right to be bitter because they have already lost at love but you will encounter an air of cynicism from even the younger set that have yet to go on their first dating experience when you ask them their opinion of looking for love.

These dire little clichés make looking for love seem like such a chore: “A relationship is hard work,” “The old ball and chain,” “What about all the annoying habits he is hiding while you’re dating,” and the ever popular, “Just wait till the magic wears off.”

If anyone is really listening and putting a lot of faith in those sentences they would be absolutely terrified of dating. Maybe those age-old predictions are to keep a person grounded and not lose their head when it comes to love. The reality is that if anyone takes too much stock in those sayings they could mess up a great relationship by waiting for them to come into play.

Here is a great opinion; form your own. The real work when it comes to looking for love was actually finding the other half of your love. You don’t have to worry if they are going to change what they are like now. They might a little but aren’t you going to as well? Just let the small things go and get on with the real living of life. Any problems you encounter, large or small might be easy to work out with a little bit of real communication.

Don’t base your opinion of what your relationship might be like because grandpa referred to grandma as the old ball and chain. Don’t believe the sitcoms you see on television or read all the little jokes on the internet that are specifically for bashing the other sex. You know that none of it really applies to you and your relationship. You just have to listen to your significant other and then look for solutions to problems together.

Do not make your relationship work and it won’t be. You will have to communicate to get the answers or keep small problems from becoming bigger, but what’s the big deal? Whether you are dating or have been married for a few years you enjoy this person and communicating should be one of the great joys the two of you share. They are your other half, they are on your side when nobody else is and that is what makes looking for love and eventually finding it, all worthwhile.