How To Maintain Long Distance Relationships

Maintaining Your Long Distance Relationship

Having and maintaining a successful long term relationship can be extremely challenging for couples as they deal with the stresses of limited access to their significant others. By implementing the following concepts into your long distance relationship, you will greatly improve your communication and the chance for success in keeping your relationship as you live abroad:

Involvement in Similar Hobbies & Activities

Even though you are apart, finding common ground in the form of social interests, sports and/or activities is a great way to keep your relationship fresh. By increasing the things you have in common in your everyday lives, you will generate much more things to talk about that are important to both of you. Examples could include reading the same book or seeing the same movie and speaking to each other afterwards to discuss it. Either way, even though you are apart using this tool will help you in essence do things together like you would if you were physically there.

Talk To Each Other Everyday

Although you may not always have much to say, having at least some form of communication everyday is essential. By maintaining this regimented schedule of contact, you allow both you and your partner to feel still very much a part of a relationship. This is also good for maintaining an emotional connection with your partner and keeping up to speed with each others lives and daily activities.

Plan For The Future Together

Even though you are apart at the moment, talking and planning for your future together (if that is the plan) should be discussed quite frequently. By doing this, you are both re-enforcing your common goal and it helps to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

Being Controlling Solves Nothing

Sometimes it is very hard when your significant other is away from you to not to want to have some kind of control over their life. Generally, this is attributed to the fact that you are use to being with them all the time and knowing what they do, but this can also be a benefit of being apart. Enjoy and respect each others freedom for the time being, it may be hard, but it gives you both a chance to spend your new found free time doing things you like such as seeing friends of pursuing hobbies. Avoid the temptation to worry about and control your partner, if the relationship is destined for trouble, no amount of distance will change that. Accept the ways things are and have trust that your partner feels the same way about you as you do about them.

Things Will Get Better With Time

No matter how long your partner is away for, it gets easier as time goes on and you establish a routine both for yourself and for contact with your partner. Focus on having the best relationship you can under the circumstances and you will have a better relationship for it when you reunite.