Online Dating Tips For Men

Online dating has become one of the most popular forms of meeting new friends and potential partners, but it isn’t as simple as signing up an account, typing in a profile and waiting for your soul mate to contact you. There are many of aspects of online dating that both inexperienced and even veteran online daters may not realize.

To help make your venture into the world of online dating more productive and enjoyable, we’ve provided a list of the top 5 Online Dating Tips for Men, especially catering to the key elements that are often overlooked by men when filling out their profile and contacting or communicating with a potential partner. (See also “Online Dating Tips for Women”)

Online Dating Tips for Men #1 – Highlight Unique Qualities

There are thousands of men out there with common interests. Your job as an online dating male is to be unique, and highlight the qualities that are less often found in men. Statistics show that many more men send messages than women, so if you find someone you are interested, you are potentially competing with 50 to 200 other men. You message content must stand out in order to grab the attention of someone you would like to build a relationship with.

Online Dating Tips for Men #2 – Widen Your Horizons

Since the women you message are likely getting so many emails, you can’t expect to get a response from everyone. Seek out several women you with compatible interests and punctuate all common interests in your communications, not just one. Be sure to ask questions for a much higher response rate.

Online Dating Tips for Men #3 – Honesty Matters

Do not project yourself as something you are not – it will always come back to bite you later. Be 100% honest, and if the sparks are there, you will be glad you did. As a good example, imagine if you met someone at an online dating site that you eventually fell head over heels for, only to find out that they are actually ten years older than you thought, lied to you about their love of sports and smoke like a chimney. Lying only hurts in the end, and there’s no good reason for it.

Online Dating Tips for Men #4 – Stay Positive

You won’t get replies from everyone you message. Even if you send out five first messages and get no reply, do not be discouraged. Keep a positive attitude and never give up.

Online Dating Tips for Men #5 – Avoid Controversial Topics

When first building a relationship with someone at an online dating site, do not jump into controversial topics that may scare her away. These include sex, politics, religion, etc. If you’re republican and she’s democrat, save that knowledge for later on, when you’ve already established a connection. Otherwise, she may be turned off before she gets to know you.

Your chances of success will increase ten-fold and you will have a much more enjoyable online dating experience if you will simply take heed of these top 5 Online Dating Tips for Men.