Met On An Online Dating Site: The Deafening

When Danny met Rose via an online dating site, it was truly love at first type. A lot of online daters are able to find instant chemistry. Maybe it’s because of the likeminded nature of two people going the same route to find love. Maybe it’s the shared humility of it in a sense. Or maybe, like Danny thought about meeting Rose, it was fated to happen.

Whatever the reasons, many people out there share Danny and Rose’s enthusiasm for online dating. What they don’t share, however, is the one-hundred-eighty degree turn from online to real life.

Danny struck Rose as the outgoing, bubbly type due to his propensity for chatter via online messengers and video conferencing. He never struggled to find things to say. In fact, Danny was the type with a quip about every topic under the sun. Rose was confident that the dreaded uncomfortable silence would never creep in here, and that’s one of the reasons she felt so strongly for Danny from the get go.

It was actually Rose who had to silence Danny long enough to get him to listen instead of simply talking. She didn’t mind this; she thought it was an endearing quality. Finally, the two made plans to meet after about five months.

This wasn’t going to be some run-of-the-mill meeting. Rose was actually taking a plane across six states to meet Danny in Wisconsin from Georgia. Needless to say, they were pretty serious about the relationship at this point.

Danny had talked a good game and laid out the itinerary for Rose. They were to meet at Villa Giuseppe, a high-end restaurant in the area, and hopefully show up for the late Bucks game after an afternoon dinner.

Rose was exciting to see this through fruition. She has tried online dating before and had never got this far. So when going into the restaurant to meet Danny, she expected it to be better than an online affair.

Danny stood up to greet Rose, said a quick “Hi,” handed her a single white rose and kissed her on the cheek. Other than that, however, there was a strong 15 minutes of silence between the two before the waiter showed up.

So talkative on the PC, Danny didn’t utter a single word to Rose other than “hi” the entire night. The only time he spoke at all was to ask the waiter, “Do you have any specials?”

Rose wasn’t ready to give up, but she was shocked that someone who couldn’t bring himself to shut up online was basically a mime during their dinner date. Danny eventually opened up a little more later on that night, but the deafening silence almost put the kybosh on the entire date.