Muslim Dating: DO IT

With over one billion members around the globe, Islam is the second-most popular religion. Muslims of the world live and love like everyone else, with a few religion-based exceptions. The criterion of a Muslim is a bit stricter than that of nonbelievers and individuals of other faith systems when it comes to dating, and online dating for Muslims is a special category that not many sites cater to.

Although there are various Muslim sects in the Islamic faith, with some more traditional and others more willing to change with the times, there’s still a great emphasis placed on values and on the sanctity of matrimony.

For any Muslim looking to explore the online dating world, the first thing to focus on is the dating website you choose.

Many Islamic cultures prohibit unsupervised meetings between a man and a woman, much less actual dating. When finding a site, it’s important to make sure members share your beliefs and that the site holds true to Muslim principles.

Almost everyone on a Muslim dating site should be looking for other Muslims and for marriage possibilities. If too much of the secular world has crept into the site, then a lot of believers will be put off and the site will easily lose its credibility as a safe haven for Muslims.

Since Islam is a religion and not necessarily a birthright, you can find all sorts of people from around the world using a Muslim dating site. This is where the site’s security will need to come into play. If a member is interested in disrespecting the Islamic faith in any way, that element needs to be separated from the main group by way of blocking features or even being outright kicked from the site.

Muslims branching out and looking to date online also need to realize that this concept is relatively new in the Islamic world. Many millions of Muslims are still dealing with arranged marriages, and millions more are forbade contact with members of the opposite sex outside of plutonic friendships.

It will most likely be a slower process for Muslims dating online. The ideal situation is to find another Muslim, forge a friendship, and proceed from that point. The best dating sites for Muslims will understand this and their site will be set up to cater to a Muslim lifestyle.

This means lower yearly rates, since Muslims will most likely use the site more to get to know singles rather than leaping into a meeting. It also means sites need to be careful with the types of people they’re allowing to use their services. Overall, a Muslim dating site should be morally upright and have a strong leaning toward Islamic culture. Most Muslims not finding these things should look elsewhere.