Muslim Dating: Did Islam Start it All?

Unless you’re one of the billion-plus Muslims in the world, you may be a little confused about some things Islam. First and foremost, the question of online dating and whether or not it’s Allah approved for His children wages on. But, of course, the secular world doesn’t really have any input here. It is up to Muslims to decide if online dating through Muslim specific sites is something that respects their religion.

If you think about it in terms of Islamic culture, online dating—or at least the format—isn’t anything new, per se. In fact, some may even argue that Muslims started the entire thing.

Think about how millions of Muslims meet for a second to understand the parallel. Now, not all Muslims are subject to arranged marriages, but even a lot of those who aren’t have a system of profile browsing, if you will, wherein potential mates (men) are viewed by a girl’s parents and then a decision is made.

In some Muslims cultures, as you find in much of Pakistan, Iran and elsewhere, the parents usually carry the most weight in this decision. In modern times, though, girls definitely have their rights and can choose to accept or deny. And in more modern Muslims cultures, like those developing in the US and UK, many men and women are coming together—minus the everyday “relationship” goings-on”—and making the decisions for themselves.

If you were to take a typical arranged marriage in the Muslim culture, for example, a girl’s family would entertain proposals coming in from a similar sect. This profile, if you will, contains photos, information about the potential suitor, and other odds and ends that would hopefully urge the family to pick the guy. From there, a decision is made

Today’s online dating doesn’t deviate much from the way Muslims have been doing it for centuries. Of course, the secular world is a little more hands-on and actually “dates” instead of making a promise of marriage first and planning for the date. But the process altogether is something Muslims should be very comfortable with and, in fact, something they themselves crafted long before the Internet arrived on the scene.