Muslim Dating: Find Faith and know it’s real

If you’re a Muslim girl out there looking to step into the modern age a little bit and find a husband for yourself, then using the many Muslim dating sites available might be a great way for you to go about your journey. Due to the fact that online dating is, if followed per your Holy principles, only a little different than how people of the Islamic faith have met for years, it’s safe to assume that you have Allah’s full blessing in your pursuit.

However, you never can be too sure if the person on the other end of your computer shares your faith and shares your passion for Islam. You’ll want to find a virtuous person and, per the rules laid out in the Quran, he has to be a Muslim. But anyone can say these things to you. Want you need is a little faith to guide you in your decision.

For example: Say you’ve decided to step out and meet someone on the Internet due to whatever reasons you have, and you actually meet a guy who’s Muslim, seems to have a good family, has a good career, and seems to share your sincerity about Islam. Now, as you step outside of the normal box and progress in getting to know more about this guy, this is when things can start to get tricky.

Typically, Muslims are chaperoned on gatherings and don’t “date” how the rest of the world dates. Touching, alone time, and any other situation that could create lust is prohibited in Islam. So if you’re using an online dating site to meet a Muslim guy, you’re already going against the accepted grain in many cultures.

It’s important here to know if this man is serious and as virtuous as he presents himself.

How can you tell? Well, giving a Quran pop quiz is a little impractical, and you can never really know where someone else’s heart is. The key here is to see how he approaches “dating” you.

He should want to inform your parents (unless you’re older) and also want your families to meet. He should not flirt or attempt to get fresh in any way. He should have a clear vision about a want for engagement and then marriage.

If this guy begins to step outside of the real of Islam with you, then you know he’s not as respectful of your religion and may have ulterior motives in speaking with you. This is something you should find out right away before proceeding. You will be able to tell through the first few contacts whether or not this is right for you. Let your faith guide you.