Muslim Dating Tip: Always Please the Parents

Although the majority of the world is changing rapidly and evolving into something ultra modern and unrecognizable, the majority of the Islamic world is very slow to change. Most aspects of the culture will always be the same, as they’re built around the Islamic faith and Allah’s words as a whole. It’s the various sects and some of their treatments of others and actions that are starting to change.

One area in which Islam is changing is the marriage arena. With the unavoidable explosion of the Internet, more and more Muslims are turning to online dating sites to find love and marriage. Although “dating” doesn’t really exist in Islam, Muslim dating sites offer a platform wherein Muslims can meet and decide if they’re right for another and if they should proceed with engagement.

How respectful are Muslim dating sites of the Islamic faith as a whole? Well, that all depends on your particular culture.

For example, some Muslims cultures are extremely old-fashioned and will not use Internet dating at all. Marriages here are always handled the same way. Parents entertain proposals for their daughters and, if the daughter agrees to entertain this boy, meetings are arranged, followed by engagement and ultimately marriage.

In more modern cultures, girls and boys are granted a little more freedom to pursue love. However, it’s always expected that girls and boys never spend time alone, because that could easily lead to a laundry list of Quran no-nos.

What about older Muslims? How do they approach online dating?

Well, again, this would depend on their particular culture and what they’re comfortable with. No one is ever going to be perfect. And many Muslims feel as if they can step outside of what’s been considered the “norm” without slighting Allah and without being untrue to Islam.

A simple rule of thumb to remember: always please your parents. Even if you’re older and no longer living with your parents or if they’ve passed on, be respectful and fall in line with what they would have wanted for you. Also remember to be respectful to Islam and to use online dating as a means to an end and not for anything unsavory.

Muslim dating sites can be a great tool in finding true love, but remember that a little temptation can lead to a big one. So always stay true to who you are.