Muslim Dating Zeroing in on Marriage

Those worshipping the Islamic faith know full well that nearly half the faith is contingent on marriage. Per the Quran, Allah wants all able bodied Muslim women who can get married to get married. It’s really as simple as that. So saying that marriage is important to Muslims is a bit of an understatement.

Of course, online dating isn’t necessarily marriage. So, at first glance, the format of a typical Internet dating site might seem to run contrary to the Islamic faith. However, there are hundreds of Muslim dating sites out there, each following Holy principle and each with an emphasis on marriage.

They’re called “dating” sites because that’s the name of the genre. They’re still respectful of the Islamic faith, however, and they allow Muslim men and women to meet and to find that special someone before getting married – or promised to be married.

Muslim dating differs from how other cultures date. Instead of a boy and girl (or a boy/boy, girl/girl) meeting, holding hands, kissing, etc, Muslim girls are not allowed to be alone with boys at all. So, there would be no meeting—even no conversation—without a chaperone. And touching is also prohibited, unless a girl is touching a boy in her family.

On the Internet, Muslim dating becomes more like a family event, if you will. A righteous girl would inform her parents that she’s trying to meet a potential husband online, or the family would decide this is an avenue they would take together. And a righteous Muslim boy would know better than to try to score alone time with a girl.

In more modern Muslim cultures, more leeway is granted, and Islamic boys and girls do spend “alone” time, technically, through chatting on IMs, through emails, etc. Any real date, however, would have to be chaperoned unless we’re speaking about two adults here.

Even older Muslims would hold fast to most of these principles and take things slowly, working toward marriage and not working toward any premarital sexual relations or even a kiss. The Muslim religion is always respected.

So, while many will find that Muslim dating isn’t like typical dating, using online sites specific to and respectful of Islam is still a great—and popular—way for Muslim men and women to meet.